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Lindsay + Hanford satellites are currently in session.

Visalia + Merced + WA are coming soon


DSGN is an art-focused environment for youth that offers real-world experience through brand development, marketing, and entrepreneurial training.


DSGN container space concepts include multiple phases. The single and double units are for rural communities, designed for co-work access with other nonprofit organizations. A multi-layer, eight-unit facility would serve as Urbanists HQ and provide modular design workspaces for programing. 


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DSGN is 100% donation supported at this time.

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DSGN Lindsay opened in March 2019. Since then we have worked with art and design career pathways students from Lindsay High School and John J. Cairns Continuation High School. DSGN has been recognized by the School District's Performance-based System (PBS), a curriculum promoting diverse learning. 

We are located at 248 N. Sweetbriar, Lindsay Ca. 



Please help us bring DSGN to Kitsap County.

For Kitsap donations, simply add a note with your donation and your amount will be allocated to DSGN Kitsap 



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